GoNetworks' GoToken - A Solid Cryptocurrency

A major concern with blockchain technology centers on speed and high cost of transactions. Transactions on blockchains like bitcoin are expensive and slow. With growing usage, Ethereum will fare no differently over time. GoNetworks solution solves this problem by allowing off-chain transactions.

Massive Potential

GoNetwork is designed for the trillion dollar mobile economy and commerce market.

GoNetwork makes Ethereum fast

State channels amortize the cost of transactions based on the number of off-chain transactions completed off-chain. Thus, in typical high-frequency workflows, the cost of transactions will be several orders of magnitude lower than running the transactions on Ethereum directly.

Infrastructure layer

Our prime objective is to build a mobile first network for Ethereum ERC20 tokens that’s off chain. It is a fast, cheap and low latency infrastructure.

Making Transactions Cheap

A major concern with blockchain technology centers on high cost of transactions. GoNetworks solution solves this problem by allowing off-chain transactions.


Expected growth for GoNetwork

To achieve our vision of bringing cryptocurrency to the masses, we begin by developing infrastructure that cheaply scales the transactions per second on Ethereum for mobile platforms. We deploy our use case, GoExchange, a virtual goods commerce platform, leveraging our scalable networking solution. Concurrently, the Pocket platform ( ) will be further developed to penetrate the commerce market.

We will also evangelize our platform worldwide and look at potential partnerships with governments and organizations interested in applying blockchain to various parts of their infrastructure.

Token Distribution

Total token supply: 100,000,000 GOT

GOT Token type: ERC20

Purchase methods accepted: BTC and ETH


Core Team

Winner of - World's Largest Ethereum Hackathon. Over 30 years of cumulative experience in Computer Software, Mobile Apps, Game Dev and Blockchain!

Rashid Khan

Founder of Infinidy Corp, one of Canada's leading game development studios. Graduated from the University of Waterloo , Ontario, Canada. Created the biggest iOS theme park simulation game called Happy Park. Over 15 million people have downloaded Infinidy's games! Founded Dubsquad that became one of the largest video social networks among teens worldwide with over 1 million users. Selected by YCombinator for in-person interview at Mountain View, California. Early bitcoin miner.

Amit Shah

Software architect & Blockchain expert. Graduated from the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Spearheaded research and development while working at BlueRover as Vice President of Software Architecture R&D. BlueRover is a leading Canadian Internet of Things (IOT) technology company. Worked at several Ethereum based open source projects. Etherium Investor.

Xun Cai

Graduated with distinction and honours in Software Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Xun is the co-founder and CTO of Infinidy Corp. He is a serial entrepreneur who has created products that have been used by millions of people and have acquired a large active user base. Led Infinidy to become one of the first companies to join Communitech, Canada's top digital media incubator. Infinidy was also a part of Accelerator Center (world-leading tech incubator of Canada - http://acceleratorcentre.com/), sharing the platform with top tech companies like Kik Interactive.

Miao Jiang, PhD - University of Waterloo
Scalability and Network Security Researcher

Miao worked on core Android application optimization at Google. He holds a PhD Degree from the University of Waterloo where his prime research was on distributed computing.

Harry Peng, MSc. Computer Science
Scalability Architect

As a Software Engineer at Google, Harry has worked in the Gmail extensibility platform. He has also lead Android development for the Google Fiber project. He worked as a Software Development Engineer at Amazon on their payment platform.

Jesse Guild
Business Development Manager

Jesse is the CEO&Co-Founder of Blitzen and EIR of Citi New York. He has a Master’s Degree from the University of Waterloo. With his experience as a senior analyst at Communitech, Jesse knows what the Startup world is like long before getting his hands dirty in it. From day to day he works alongside the marketing team to get GoNetwork’s brand into the world, while juggling many other company aspects such as implementing strategies and outbound sales. Constantly following soccer matches and the stock market, it’s safe to say he’s an expert at multi-tasking.

Yifan Evan Zhu
Financial Advisor

Received his Master Degree from BinghamTon University. 7 Years of working experience in PWC as Investment Management Audit and Tax Associate.

Vincent Xie
Project Manager & Business Consultant

Graduated from University of Waterloo. 4 years of Banking experience as Senior Business Analyst and Senior Business Consultant. He started being Infinidy Corp's Senior Business Consultant since 2012 and has maintained good working relationship with us and helped us create some of the top games.

Maanas Rautela

Received his doctorate of law from Michigan State University and Master of Laws from York University - Osgoode Hall Law School. Researching legal applications relating with blockchain companies and Initial Coin Offerings.


Jeff Morris Jr.
Director of Product Management - Revenue at Tinder, Inc. Founder at Chapter One Ventures
Tess Hau
Stanford University GCBC Advisor and Ex Stanford Innovation Farm Team Member at Stanford University Graduate School of Business
Nenone Donaldson
Director Of Advancement, Faculty of Engineering at University of Waterloo
Ian Balina
Cryptocurrency Investor, Advisor and Influencer. Featured in .
David Debono
Ex Professor at University of Windsor. CEO at Boom Gaming. Partner at LDS Canada.
Laurent Bernardin
COO and Chief Scientist at Maplesoft

Paul Allamby
Ex Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Toronto Blue Jays. Managing Principal Consultant at Paul Allamby Consulting.

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To the moon!


What started as a multi-billion dollar platform on internet, is now becoming a reality for the mobile ecosystem and commerce at large. Although we have years of work behind us, there is a long road with clear objectives ahead. We are going through an amazing, transformative period in history — a technological revolution — the opportunities are endless and extremely exciting.

Zombies vs Aliens - Feature by Apple Inc.

Zombies vs Aliens & 9000 BC - Feature by Apple Inc.


Started understanding the growing mobile app business. Our first products were featured by Apple Inc and covered heavily by the media. Highlights of our achievements:

  • Top 10 app in 8 countries
  • Top 100 app in 37 countries - 148Apps Review
  • 1.5M+ installs: https://goo.gl/8xJJ2n
  • 2011
    Zombies vs Aliens - Feature by Apple Inc.

    Launched Happy Park - A theme park simulation game


    We started studying the virtual goods market on mobile by launching a series of freemium games. Happy Park became our most successful game. Achieving these heights:

  • #1 App in 23 countries
  • Top 10 grossing app in 31 countries.
  • 10M+ installs - http://goo.gl/J5JEaN
  • 2013
    Partnership with GREE International, Inc.

    Partnership with GREE International, Inc.


    In summer of 2013 GREE International, Inc - Japanese social gaming giant, approached us among other top app developers to launch social games with the integration of their social gaming platform - https://goo.gl/BW1awn

    This gave us a unique opportunity to expose our large user base to a new social platform and experiment with currency trading in our games. We also made some key relationships with gaming giants and other game studios.

    Happy Park becomes one of the largest theme park games on Apple’s AppStore

    Happy Park becomes the largest theme park game on Apple’s AppStore


  • Crosses Over 10 million users mark!
  • Overall 4.5/5.0 Stars (from 90,000+ ratings)!
  • 2015

    Launch of Dubsquad.me - video social network


    Success of social games and strong understanding of virtual economy leads us to launch a video social network.


    GoNetwork experiment starts & Dubsquad.me becomes Top 10 photo and video app!


  • Top 150 app overall in the AppStore charts gaining over 1M+ users - https://goo.gl/uVfTgE
  • Start experimenting with virtual coin systems - enabling a way for creators to earn real income from their fans.
  • Frst Responsive Timeline

    Selected by YCombinator (Investors in Airbnb, Reddit) for in-person interview!

  • Co-founders flew to Mountain California to present Dubsquad to YCombinator
  • Out of thousands of applications only a small percentage gets selected!
  • 2017

    Developed prototype architecture of GoNetwork


    R&D Mobile Development and Accessibility to mobile

    Internal testing of Ethereum private network and solidity contract

    Testing solidity custom cryptographic primitives

    GoExchange Alpha Launch


  • Launch of GoNetwork website.
  • Alpha GoNet internal testing starts.
  • R&D scalability solutions for micro transaction throughput.
  • Start state channel prototype.
  • Integrate alpha SDK to test app.
  • GoNetwork whitepaper released
  • Launch of GoNetwork ICO at ETHWaterloo!

    Winner of - worlds biggest Ethereum hackathon!


  • Developed Pocket at ETHWaterloo - judged by Vitalik Buterin (co-founder of Ethereum), Jeff Coleman, William Mougayar, Joseph Lubin, Joey Krug, and Stephan Tual.
  • GoNetwork Mobile Tutorials Series

    Q4 - November

  • First of a series of technical blog posts from GoNetwork https://keepingstock.net/pocket-tutorial-welcome-to-the-first-of-a-se ries-of-technical-blog-posts-from-gonetwork-58476c287c91
  • 2018

    GoExchange Ongoing Development


    Open alpha launch

    Closed beta Testing

  • GoNetwork channel lifetime incentivization metric
  • GoNetwork off-chain transaction metrics
  • GoNetwork ICO Launch

    GoExchange open beta version launch


    Exploration of partnership opportunities with government and industry blockchain application starts

    GoNetwork Sponsorship, Developer Meetup & Awareness


    Explore incentivized developer partnership deals

    A highly scalable, low cost mobile first network infrastructure for Ethereum.